25 Most Common Jobs in America

25 Most Common Jobs in America


A job enables you to acquire new skills and experience to enhance your resume. It can also help you pinpoint your career interests and establish your career trajectory.

Look at the most prevalent job positions in America to determine which ones can provide you with valuable connections that may serve as references later in your career.


In this article, we will delve into 25 of the most common jobs in America that you can apply for.”

Most common jobs in America

Here is a list of the most common jobs in America that you can apply for:


1. Cashier

National average salary:$24,193 per year

Primary duties: Sure thing! So, imagine you’ve got this person, a cashier, right? They’re working in a store, helping customers buy stuff. They handle all the money stuff when someone’s making a purchase. Plus, they’re there to lend a hand if customers need help finding something, and they’re also pros at packing up groceries for folks.

2. Food preparation worker

National average salary:$31,931 per year

Primary duties: Got it! So, picture this: you’ve got someone working in a restaurant kitchen, making sure everything’s spick and span. They’re the ones who handle all the cleaning in the kitchen area. Plus, they’re like culinary wizards, measuring, weighing, and chopping up all the ingredients needed for the dishes on the menu. They’re also on top of things when it comes to keeping track of food temperatures in storage areas and making sure the salad bar stays well-stocked.

3. Stocking associate

National average salary:$27,320 per year

Primary duties: Certainly! A stocking associate, also known as a stock clerk, is responsible for unpacking merchandise as it arrives at the warehouse. Their duties include inspecting the items for correct labeling and any damage incurred during shipping. Additionally, they update inventory records to determine if the warehouse requires additional units of a particular product.

4. Laborer

National average salary:$45,580 per year

Primary duties: A laborer on a construction site tackles physical tasks efficiently, finding ways to streamline work. They pitch in by clearing debris, transporting materials, and aiding in loading and unloading. Additionally, they study construction plans to devise practical strategies for task completion.

5. Janitor

National average salary:$39,110 per year

Primary duties: A janitor diligently cleans the area assigned to them, whether it’s a restroom or hallway. Their tasks include locking doors, emptying garbage and recycling bins, and performing minor repairs on toilets and appliances as needed.

6. Construction worker

National average salary:$49,871 per year

Primary duties: A construction worker tests and operates machinery essential for construction projects. They also transport supplies between sites and may cut materials to fit project specifications.

7. Bookkeeper

National average salary:$50,820 per year

Primary duties: A bookkeeper maintains records of a company’s expenses and income, as well as sending invoices to customers for payment. They utilize accounting software to generate reports and assess an organization’s financial standing.

8. Server

National average salary:$32,845 per year, plus $100 in tips per day

Primary duties: A server, commonly referred to as a waiter or waitress, takes down food and drink orders from customers. They then pass these orders on to the chef for preparation. Serving meals to customers is also part of their role, along with addressing any additional questions customers may have. After customers leave the restaurant, servers tidy up eating areas to maintain cleanliness.

9. Medical assistant

National average salary:$36,584 per year

Primary duties: A medical assistant is responsible for scheduling appointments for patients and welcoming them upon arrival at a medical facility. They perform tasks such as drawing blood and administering vaccines when necessary. Additionally, they provide patients with instructions regarding medical procedures they will undergo.

10. Bartender

National average salary:$39,458 per year, plus $150 in tips per day

Primary duties: A bartender crafts and serves alcoholic beverages to customers at a bar or restaurant. They engage with patrons, discern their drink preferences, and ensure the bar is well-stocked by replenishing items as needed.

11. Administrative assistant

National average salary:$40,052 per year


Primary duties: Administrative assistants manage executives’ schedules and organize their travel plans. They prepare presentations using industry research and procure office supplies for staff members.

12. Marketing specialist

National average salary:$57,173 per year

Primary duties: A marketing specialist is tasked with creating marketing campaigns for a company, which involves managing their social media accounts and website. They collaborate with the sales team to ensure that promotional efforts are aligned with sales objectives. Additionally, they conduct research on competitors within the company’s market.

13. Police officer

National average salary:$59,621 per year

Primary duties: A police officer responds to and investigates emergency situations within their community. They collect evidence, make arrests, and communicate with eyewitnesses. They also question potential suspects to ensure their statements align with the evidence gathered.

14. Electrician

National average salary:$53,980 per year

Primary duties: An electrician is responsible for maintaining and repairing electrical wiring inside buildings. They utilize blueprints to install new wiring and connect wires to circuit breakers. Additionally, they troubleshoot any issues with the equipment they use for repairs.

15. Mechanic

National average salary:$48,014 per year

Primary duties: A mechanic utilizes various auto parts tools such as oil filter wrenches, spark plugs, and tire pressure gauges to inspect vehicle conditions. They discuss repair costs with customers and perform repairs on engines, transmissions, and air conditioning units.

16. Retail sales associate

National average salary:$43,169 per year

Primary duties: A retail sales associate assists customers in purchasing products and services. They answer customer inquiries, inform them about ongoing promotions, and offer solutions to any issues they encounter.

17. Customer service representative

National average salary:$38,964 per year

Primary duties: A customer service representative engages with customers, offering information about their company’s products and services. They facilitate purchases, handle complaints, and manage product returns.

18. Carpenter

National average salary:$54,052 per year

Primary duties: A carpenter constructs and restores building structures, carefully choosing materials for the project. They employ tools to install frameworks and fixtures such as tubs, showers, and kitchen cabinets within buildings.

19. Office clerk

National average salary:$36,770 per year

Primary duties: An office clerk supports an organization by handling various clerical tasks. They manage incoming phone calls, sort mail, and maintain confidential records. Additionally, they generate reports for management, welcome visitors, and prepare invoices for payment.

20. Operations manager

National average salary:$71,166 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager develops hiring protocols and establishes training standards for new hires. They analyze company procedures to enhance employee performance and work quality.

21. Line supervisor

National average salary:$65,810 per year

Primary duties: A line supervisor, also known as a “first-line supervisor,” provides guidance to manufacturing employees to facilitate the production of goods. They oversee the implementation of the production process established by project managers and engineers.

22. Truck Driver

National average salary:$74,931 per year

Primary duties: A truck driver delivers products to retail and distribution centers within their designated area. They maintain a travel log, ensuring compliance with regulations, and are responsible for meeting shipment deadlines.

23. Registered nurse

National average salary:$70,822 per year

Primary duties: A registered nurse collaborates with doctors to provide patient care. They conduct physical examinations, assess symptoms, and administer tests accordingly. Additionally, they communicate diagnoses to patients and offer emotional support when needed.

24. Software developer

National average salary:$108,896 per year

Primary duties: Software developers create applications to aid users in various tasks, such as tracking marketing campaign performance or playing computer games. They also modify existing software and provide progress reports to their managers.

25. Lawyer

National median salary:$127,990 per year

Primary duties: A lawyer provides legal guidance to individuals and companies throughout legal proceedings. They work alongside paralegals to gather relevant information for their cases and serve as legal representatives during trials and other legal matters.


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