Housewives need to know: Don’t throw away used tea leaves, reuse them this way, no headache Reuse used tea leaves

Best Home Remedies to Remove Odor

Can also be used for cleaning

Indian people are fond of drinking tea.

In most households, tea is made two to three times.
There are many people who want to drink tea as soon as they wake up in the morning, but when it comes to talking, most of the people make tea and throw away the tea leaves.
If you also do this then this is your biggest mistake.
Never throw away tea leaves.
You can use these tea-leaves in many ways, so know how tea-leaves can be used a second time.

Use grown tea leaves like this to remove odors

During the rainy season, dampness can occur indoors as well as outdoors.
Due to this smell, we often have headaches and many other problems.
Especially from the kitchen sink, there is a lot of smell.
In that case, it is best if you use tea leaves.
Tea leaves work to remove the smell from the house. For this, cut the cloth into small pieces and then put the tea leaves in it.
After that put one to two drops of essential oil and your favorite oil and tie the potli.
Now put this potli where you live in the house.
Doing this will stop the smell and you will have a refreshed fill.

To clean the chopping board

You can use tea leaves to clean the chopping board.
For this, take tea-leaves and put them on a chopping board.
Then mix one spoon of dish wash and one spoon of lemon juice.
Then rub gently.
Doing this will clean the chopping board perfectly.
The tea leaves will act like a scrub and the chopping board will be like new.

Useful in cooking

What you may not know is that you can use used tea leaves to enhance the taste of many types of cooking.
If you tie a small packet of tea leaves in a dish like chhole, tadka dal, it gives a nice smell.

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