Liver and heart will be strengthened with raisin water: sugar-acidity will be controlled, bones will be strengthened; Black currant elixir for women

Raisins are used in almost every household. Some use it as a dry fruit while some use it to garnish sweets. A small looking raisin is packed with many benefits. Ayurvedacharya Dr. Siddharth Singh knows about the benefits and harms of raisin water.

Liver will be kept healthy

Dr. Siddharth Singh says that raisin water is very important to keep the liver healthy. A research published on the NCBI site also mentions that eating raisins leads to liver detox.
Raisin extract has antioxidant and liver protective properties.

Effective in controlling acidity

Raisin water provides relief from acidity. Raisins have alkaline properties, which control acidity by balancing the pH level in the body.

Raisin seeds are immune boosters

Raisins are rich in vitamin C.
Which is an antioxidant and helps in strengthening the immune system of the body. A part from this, eating raisins increases the immunity of the body.

Heart will be healthy

According to the American Heart Association, the polyphenols in raisins keep the heart healthy by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides (bad fats) in the blood. Raisin water reduces the risk of heart attack.

Removes cancer disease

Raisins are helpful in fighting cancer.
The methanol extract of raisins has anti-radical and anti-cancer properties, which are somewhat helpful in preventing colon cancer.
However, raisin water is not a cure for cancer. It can be included in the diet as a prevention against cancer.

It will keep the stomach clean

Raisin water is beneficial in cleansing the stomach. In fact, raisins contain fiber and phytochemicals, which cleanse the stomach.

Help in weight loss

Raisin water also controls weight.
Raisins contain dietary fiber and prebiotics. Both these elements help in weight control along with creating good and healthy bacteria in the stomach. However, just drinking raisin water does not control weight. Along with this, one needs to pay attention to exercise and diet.

Eliminates iron deficiency

Iron deficiency causes anemia or blood deficiency. Raisins are rich in iron. Consuming raisin water daily prevents iron deficiency.

Strengthens bones

Raisin water is beneficial for strengthening bones. Raisins are rich in the mineral boron, which maintains bone strength. Calcium in raisins helps in strengthening bones.

Blood Level Sugar Control

Blood sugar can be easily controlled by eating raisins. Raisins have a low glycemic index, which helps balance the insulin response. People who have sugar, are confused that they cannot eat raisins but it is not so.
Diabetics can eat raisins in small quantities.

Skin will glow

Raisin water is beneficial for skin.
This is the best toner for skin. Anti-bacterial effect of raisins S.
Helps fight bacteria like aureus.

Raisin water is beneficial for thick black hair

Raisin water is beneficial for hair.
Deficiency of vitamin C and iron causes hair loss. Also, both iron and vitamin-C are found in raisins. In such cases, raisin water is a good option to get rid of hair problems.

Blackcurrant water is nothing less than nectar

Black currant water is beneficial for women in many ways. Blackcurrant water is very effective in improving menstrual pain or irregular periods. It also relieves the problem of blood clotting.

Iron-rich blackcurrant water is very beneficial in removing anemia from the body. Often women face the problem of hormone imbalance. In this condition drinking black currant water can also reduce this problem to a great extent.

Consuming black currant water can also increase fertility in women. Amino acids are found underwater, which are very effective in increasing fertility.

How to make raisin water

Soak the raisins in warm water overnight.
In the morning strain the water and heat it on low flame.

Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach.

Mix raisin water in the flour, knead the dough and eat it.

You can also drink raisin water half an hour before meals.

You can make bread toast by applying it on bread slices.

Disadvantages of drinking raisin water

Drinking raisin water has benefits, but in some cases it can also have disadvantages. Let’s know about the harm of drinking raisin water.

Excessive consumption of raisins may increase the risk of type-2 diabetes. That is why diabetic patients should consume raisin water only in limited quantity.

Some people are allergic to raisins.

In this situation these people should also avoid raisin water.

Consuming raisins causes diarrhea and gas problems.

Disclaimer: After knowing the benefits of raisin water, you must want to include it in your diet, but keep in mind that excessive consumption can lead to some disadvantages. Make sure to understand the pros and cons along with the method of making and using raisin water mentioned in the article. If there is any health related problem, consult a doctor first.

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